Invitation | CDE @ 25 | Francis Fukuyama on Populism after Trump | Wed 10 March 2021 | 6 to 7 pm SAST

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Dear employer You are invited to share this conversation of Ann Bernstein with Francis Fukuyama. Previous conversations gave rare insights into international thinking. JOIN US as we convene a series of global conversations on democracy, business, markets and development. Francis Fukuyama is one of the world’s most prominent public intellectuals. He is senior fellow at Stanford University’s Freeman [more...]

Ease of Doing Business Bill

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Cofesa welcomes the announcement of the  ‘Ease of Doing Business Bill’  that requires the development of a plan to reduce red tape and the costs thereof in existing regulatory measure and the evaluation of existing regulatory measures by Ministers and self-regulatory bodies. The Democratic Alliance has tabled its Ease of Doing Business Bill which is aimed at [more...]

Ombud to protect Small Business from bullying

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The public is invited to comment on an amendment law establishing an ombud for small businesses. The intent of the law has merit: The ombud must prevent small business from being unfairly bullied. His finding in a case can have the force of a court order, for example against state departments, local government and SOEs that act [more...]

Cofesa calls for R500 000 grants to rescue struggling tax paying companies to survive Covid

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Cofesa calls for R500 000 relief grants to rescue companies We support DA’s calls to release the funds meant as Covid-19 relief for companies and calls for grants of  R500 000 to rescue struggling tax paying companies as a rescue measure. Their numbers declined dramatically. A precedent has been set to award R35 000 each to small farmers and [more...]

House repossessions-Evidence that banks sell repossessed houses for cents in the rand

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Pre-empt possible repossession of your staff’s houses With timely advice and assistance you can avoid that your staff lose their houses and their life savings. Discuss with your staff  what may happen when they are in arears with their instalments and help them to negotiate alternative arrangements. Evidence that banks sell repossessed houses for cents in the [more...]


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COFESA RECOMMENDS THE FOLLOWING THE FOLLOWING WEBINAR: As we emerge from crisis of 2020 many of  the future out looks have changed for business and personal alike, the way we live the way we engage and the way we conduct business in the coming years,  join TSK Training along with the renowned Professor Mervyn King and  allow [more...]

We urge president Ramaphosa to ‘cross the Rubicon’ and modernise our economy

Oct 19th, 2020|0 Comments

In an email to president Ramaphosa, Mr Tito Mboweni and their councillors we urged them to ‘cross the Rubicon’, to modernise our economy by ‘picking the low hanging  free fruit of deregulation’, based on the World Economic Freedom Index report, compiled by more than 60 world renowned scholars, some of them Nobel Prize laureates:  ‘Botswana, South Korea, [more...]

Governance for SME’s Programme – Less 50% Discount – 09 November 2020

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Are you, or someone you know, a small-or medium-sized enterprise (SME) owner or employee who has been forced by the current tough economic climate to side-line professional development? Although this is a harsh reality for many businesses in South Africa, staying on top of your industry through continuous learning always remains a crucial component to achieving success. [more...]

Time to re-calibrate our ethical compass

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Dear Employer, The recent looting by the highest rankings of public officials calls for the ‘recalibration of our moral and ethical values’. May this Code mobilize everyone to fulfill their roles as ‘Ethical leaders’ To empower as many people as possible with knowledge on the concepts of ‘Ethics’ we have posted the fundamentals  of ‘Ethics’ on our [more...]

News and views Cofesa’s 30th anniversary celebration message calls for urgent deregulation to fast track economic growth

Dec 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

At his Mini Budget, Mr Tito Mboweni illustrated his concern with our dwindling economy with an Aloe plant in a pot (See Beeld photo below). We support his drive to deregulate and grow the economy and look forward to him using the resilient air plant, the Tillandsia  to illustrate deregulated growth. The Tillandsia flourishes without water and [more...]

Business & Technology Insight Forums On Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage

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Industry experts, IDTechEx, will be hosting 6 specialist Business & Technology Insight Forums in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea. The IDTechEx Business & Technology Insight Forums focus on global markets and topics of interest to the local industry. Emphasis is on current and future trends. Audience participation and interaction are encouraged, and you also take away a [more...]

EFW Economic Audit of South Africa

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A NOT-TO-BE-MISSED EVENT - What is right or wrong with the SA economy? 5 sessions - 17-19 July 2019 Speakers Brian Kantor – Chief Strategist and Economist at Investec Wealth & Investment SA Russell Lamberti – Chief Strategist at investment advisory firm ETM Analytics Professor Robert Vivian – Professor of Finance and Insurance at the University of the Witwatersrand Bonang Mohale – Chief Executive Officer [more...]

Farewell Martin Steen

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Through good and bad, easy but mostly difficult times, Martin Steen has served Cofesa, our members and country well with his superb intellect, sharp mind, excellent memory and wisdom. Our members benefited from his high level corporate expertise. He saved many businesses and jobs by handling more or less 15 000 emails and 12 000 to 15 [more...]

INVITATION: 2019 South Africa-China Business Forum Seminar, B2B & Luncheon

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18 JULY 2019 The Convenor of the ANC Progressive Business Forum, Mr. Daryl Swanepoel, on behalf of the Chairperson of the China Council for the Promotion of  International Trade, Ms. Gao Yan, cordially invites you to the 2019 South Africa-China Business Forum Seminar, B2B & Luncheon Speakers Ministerial & Government, Trade Organisations & Business Date: Thursday, 18 [more...]

Stakeholder Engagement – Sustainable Development Forum

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The IoDSA's Sustainable Development Forum is hosting a discussion event on stakeholder engagement and how governing bodies and directors can use the insights from stakeholder engagement to enhance their contributions to the organisations that they serve, in support of creating sustainable value. The discussion event will consider specific suggestions regarding the responsibilities, and possible actions, of [more...]

Invitation: CGN event – Top key issues facing Governing Bodies and the value of director mentorship, 20 May 2019

May 17th, 2019|0 Comments

The role of the governing body and the oversight it undertakes has been the subject of much scrutiny in the recent past. Within this context, the Corporate Governance Network ("CGN") has identified three key themes for governing bodies to consider when conducting their activities, namely the need to ‘look within’; ‘look outwards’ and realise its place within [more...]

Invitation: Discussion event on Section 218 of the Companies Act, presented by Prof Mervyn King – 27 May 2019

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All directors are concerned about their liability. This concern was heightened in 2008 when in the new Companies Act No.71, Section 218(2) was passed: “Any person who contravenes any provision of this Act is liable to any other person for any loss or damage suffered by that person as a result of that contravention.” Does this mean [more...]