The inspirational life coach Ms Lynda Smith,  calls on people not to retire but to reFIRE.

Please bring this email to the attention of your staff to assist them to prepare pro-actively to shape their lifestyle and  finance for after retierment.

There is a new social dynamics in South Africa called 50plus-skills. We bring together individuals 50plus who are leaving their professional lives together with the needs in civil society on a sustainable basis, to ensure that by the time they leave the workplace they are

  • equipped for retirement and ways in which they can start their own small business,
  • act as mentors and coaches in their area of expertise and feel like an asset that still has value in our nation.

This group is a national asset that can make a significant difference to helping not only themselves but society at large.

We assist individuals in making decisions around their life skills. We wish to inspire employees to continue to add value to their families and society. Don’t retire, ReFIRE!

This article written by 50plus-skills focuses on the holistic challenge for individuals at retirement

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Don’t retire, REFIRE…