Emotional Intelligence – 3 Days

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 252031 at NQF level 5 with 4 credits.


Emotional Intelligence is the single most important indicator in producing people who are able to work effectively in organizations at the highest levels. Longer term sustainability, requires that people go beyond I.Q. and develop their full E.Q.

This course is an invitation to go on a journey of self-awareness and develop effective and professional interpersonal skills. Furthermore the course helps you understand and manage your negative emotions and increase your resilience. In fact it is known that it is not the hardest working or most intelligent people who succeed, but people who have high levels of emotional intelligence and who are able to illicit the cooperation of their colleagues and lead and motivate teams of people.

EQ explains why some people excel while others who appear to have similar capabilities lag behind. This course will contribute to both personal excellence and greater leadership capabilities. We explore the solidity of our self confidence and the way in which it supports our sense of competence, capability and ability to win out in changing or adverse situations.

The course helps delegates develop a range of tools and techniques for building their emotional intelligence for an effective and successful life.


Module 1: Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness

  • Self-awareness and Mindfulness
  • Life Balance – Nurturing all four areas of our life
  • Emotional Intelligence Core competencies
  • The iceberg model – the Enneagram compulsions
  • Johari’s window
  • Myers Briggs Personality Test
  • Locus of Control
  • Being a victim or being empowered

 Module 2: Interpersonal Skills and Communication

  • Developing polished interpersonal skills with staff and colleagues
  • Listening Skills
  • Getting along with my manager
  • Learn how to give honest and candid feedback appropriately
  • Learn to receive negative feedback constructively
  • Communicating assertively
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Assertiveness test
  • Demonstrating behavior that is direct, appropriate and respectful
  • Dealing with aggressive people in the workplace
  • Learn to be less aggressive
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Deal with tension and conflict more constructively
  • Showing appreciation

Module 3: Self-regulation: managing one’s negative emotions

  • The skills of self-regulation
  • The skill of shifting focus and attention
  • Recognising negative emotions & their negative impact
  • Temper negative responses
  • Techniques for managing and controlling one’s negative emotions
  • Managing anger – the Amygdala hijack
  • Learn how to work more effectively with difficult people
  • The ability to heal – the healing process
  • Finding the gift in difficult times
  • Managing stress

Module 4: Developing a positive emotional focus

  • Gratitude
  • Counting your blessings
  • Making a daily choice to be happy
  • Developing empathy
  • The law of positive attraction
  • Learn how to channel energy and enthusiasm to motivate
  • Emotional Intelligence Test

Module 5: Self Confidence and Resilience

  • Appreciating yourself
  • Building self-confidence
  • Resilience: Bouncing back quickly after a setback
  • Resilience and determination

Module 6: My Purpose and Goal Setting

  • Identifying my soul purpose or life purpose
  • Motivation, passion and energy
  • Setting long term goals and objectives
  • Three obstacles to success:
  • Considerations, fears & roadblocks
  • Developing an orientation for taking action
  • Drawing up an action plan for a balanced life
  • Spiritual & emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Tools and Techniques

This programme is a fun and highly interactive course using practical tools and techniques for delegates to master. Over 26 practical techniques and tools will be practically applied by delegates in the classroom and at work and home after the course. An assignment also reinforces the new skills learnt. The 26 practical techniques and activities covered in the course to ensure learners practice and implement the skills learnt.


Activity 1                     Expectations Exercise

Activity 2                     Setting Boundaries

Activity 3                     Johari’s window – Self Awareness and my blind spots

Activity 4                     Deepening Self Awareness (My strengths and weaknesses)

Activity 5                     The Myers Briggs Personality Test – understanding my personality

Activity 5                     Assessment & full 8 page personality profile per learner

Activity 6                     Understanding the Myers Briggs Personality profiles of my colleagues

How do I respect and understand different personalities

Activity 7                     Locus of Control

Activity 7                     Am I a victim or empowered

Activity 8                     Listening skills

Activity 8                     Role play/Simulation in class

Activity 8b                   Good interpersonal behaviours and bad interpersonal behaviours

Activity 8b                   Group discussion & self-assessment

Activity 9                     Practice Giving Constructive Negative Feedback

Activity 9                     Role play/simulation in class

Activity 9b                   Conflict Management – my style

Activity 10                   The Iceberg

Activity 10                   Dysfunctional Behaviours and Functional Behaviours

Activity 11                   Assertiveness Quiz and assessment

Activity 12                   Role play – Speaking My ‘I’ Messages – Self Disclosure

Activity 13                   Assertiveness

Activity 13                   Role plays and simulations using assertive communication

Activity 14                   Self Reflection on how to improve my Assertiveness

Activity 15                   Transactional Analysis Techniques

Activity 15                   Role plays/simulations

Activity 16                   Identifying various emotions

Activity 16                   Activity Big Mind Big Heart role play and meditation

Activity 16                   Activity on managing negative emotions

Activity 17                   Managing a Blow up

Activity 17                   Journaling activity on managing negative emotions

Activity 18                   Identify Stages of Emotions and Change

Activity 18                   The healing process – resilience technique after a deep set back

Activity 19                   Building Confidence

Activity 19                   Reminders of my successes

Activity 20                   Building Confidence

Activity 20                   Home Activity

Activity 21                   Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Activity 21                   A full assessment of my Emotional Intelligence quotient

Activity 21                   The assessment covers 5 areas of EQ competence

Activity 22                   My talents, gifts and unique skills

Activity 22                   Understanding my Purpose

Activity 23                   Planning for a balanced life

Activity 23                   My 3-5 Year Goals in 6 areas of my life

Activity 24                   Implementing my Action Plan for 1 goal

Activity 25                   The Appreciation Game

Activity 26                   Stop, Start, Continue (in plenary)

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