Employment Equity Committee Training


This course investigates the Employment Equity Act and all its ramifications for organisations. The training ensures that Employment Equity Committees understand their role and function. The course looks at the legal reporting requirements of organisations as per affirmative action reports.


Part 1  

  • Overview of the Employment Equity Act
  • Understanding the Employment Equity Act
  • Purpose, interpretation and application of Employment Equity legislation

Part 2

  • Prohibition of unfair discrimination
  • Understanding unfair discrimination
  • Differentiation
  • Discrimination
  • Unfair discrimination
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Grounds of discrimination
  • Employment applicants, work analysis and inherent requirements of the job/job descriptions
  • Recruitment and selection
  • How the Employment Equity Legislation attempts to eliminate and prohibit unfair discrimination
  • Medical and Psychological assessments

Part 3

  • Employment Equity and Affirmative action
  • Understanding Affirmative Action
  • The Equality Test (Section 9(2) of the Constitution
  • Understanding Black Empowerment
  • The duties of designated employers and voluntary compliance
  • The requirements of disclosure of information
  • Employment Equity Plans and the requirements for keeping records

Part 4

  • The Employment Equity Committee/Roles and functions
  • Roles, responsibilities and functions of the Employment Equity Committee
  • Monitoring Employment Policies, Procedures and Practices
  • Monitoring/Evaluating Implementation of EE Plan
  • Consultation
  • Identification of EE Barriers
  • Developing EE Measures
  • Benchmarking Best Practices
  • Fraquency and content of Committee Meetings

Part 5

  • Practical analysis of disciplinary codes, policies
  • EE plans and EE reports
  • Practical analysis of disciplinary codes, policies, EE plans and EE reports
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