Holistic Leadership

This course is accredited with by the Services Seta. Unit standard 252031 at NQF Level 5 worth 4 credits.

Course Objectives

Holistic Leadership is not a set of skills, but rather a mindset that enables leadership to emerge. This mindset can be best described as ‘mindfulness’ – the state of being fully aware of self and others.

The course objective is to understand and apply holistic leadership. It is a guide to going further on the quest for self-development to where business, personal and societal challenges are handled with better clarity. You will gain insight into your reactions to the world, and learn to respond as a true leader.

The objective is to make better leaders by understanding ego; consciousness; compassion; automaticity; attention and ‘the now’; acceptance versus judgement; intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of knowing; and other aspects of being a whole person. Our experiences of these aspects of ourselves constrain us and our teams. But we can lift ourselves, and those around us above and beyond familiar habits of thought, feeling and action. By appreciation of human potential, we can expand our visions, and lead and inspire those around us.

The course helps delegates identify and overcome personal stumbling blocks to holistic leadership through self-assessment of The Seven Aspects of Holistic Leadership©.
The learning environment is interactive and accepting, with plenty of activities to give delegates first-hand experience of the concepts. A practical and supportive approach helps delegates to really grasp holistic leadership and experience its benefits.

Course Outline

  • Introductions and Background
  • Understanding Leadership Intelligence: IQ, EQ and SQ
  • Wider Perspective: Solutions for Self and World
  • The Key to Holistic Leadership: Mindfulness
  • Levels of Consciousness and Self-image
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals

    • Attention and the Now
    • Automaticity
    • Judgement
    • Acceptance
    • Goals
    • Compassion
    • The Ego
  • The Mindfulness Process for Holistic leadership
  • Meditation: The Ancient and Modern Way to Mindfulness
  • Daily Practice
  • The Seven Aspects of Holistic Leadership
    • Commitment
    • Enthusiasm
    • Openness
    • Generosity
    • Self-control
    • Trust
    • Modesty
  • Breakthrough Case Studies
  • Holistic Leadership Essentials

Tools & Techniques

This is an interactive course using unique practical tools and techniques for developing Holistic Leadership and The Seven Aspects of Holistic Leadership©.

Questionnaires and activities are used to facilitate breakthrough experiences. The process includes interactive feedback sessions and group discussions. There are twenty (20) activities covered in the course to ensure learners practice and experience the concepts learnt.

These are:

Activity 1             Positive Introductions

Activity 2             Expectations

Activity 3             Sample Leader

Activity 4             Baseline SQ Questionnaire and SQ Map

Activity 5             Self Image Exercise

Activity 6             Understanding Automaticity

Activity 7             Three-minute Breathing Space

Activity 8             Compassionate Chair Work

Activity 9             Observing the Ego

Activity 10           Mindful Eating

Activity 11           The Monkey Mind and the River

Activity 12           Loving Kindness Meditation

Activity 13           Centring Meditation

Activity 14           Considering the Seven Aspects

Activity 15           Jim’s People Skills

Activity 16           Your Stumbling Block to Holistic Leadership

Activity 17           Question the Facts

Activity 18           The Symphony

Activity 19           Opportunities to be a Holistic Leader

Activity 20           A Letter to Myself

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