Labour federation Cosatu has reiterated its stance for immediate action to be taken against politicians involved in acts of corruption. They also called for the prosecution of unethical political leaders, who have looted money for personal protective equipment (PPE) and stolen food parcels meant for the poor.

This comes as the trade union prepares for a nationwide strike next month as they tackle rampant corruption across government.

Cosatu’s national spokesperson, Sizwe Pamla, on Saturrday said the cancer of corruption was sinking South Africa into an abyss and that this called for all sectors of society to unite and push back against the scourge of corruption.

“The effects of corruption in the public sector harm the poor by increasing the costs of public services, which should be free.

“Corruption in the private sector has got even higher implications because of its ability to affect the whole economy and to bring it to its knees.

“Cosatu is prepared to work with all those who are willing to fight this toxic disorder that is liquidating this country and that steals from the poor. We can only have a successful partnership if we work together and show the same level of intolerance for private sector corruption as we do for public sector corruption,” Pamla said.

He added that South Africans should not apologise for public sector corruption.

Pamla said the time had come for a people-driven and people-centred economic development framework, that would ensure optimal use of the resources and improve the social welfare of the people without involving the looters and tenderpreneurs.

“The unethical political leaders who have looted the money budgeted for PPE and stolen food parcels meant the poor, need to be prosecuted,” said Pamla.

“The same should be done with those employers who have stolen money from the UIF TERS, the retail shops that have fixed the price of food and pharmaceutical companies that have fixed the price of medicine and other essentials during the pandemic,” he said.

He further stated that the country could not afford to have “these crooks and criminals occupying decision-making positions” in a country with 50% real unemployment, 60% of the working poor and 18 million people on welfare.

“The federation is also mobilising workers and South Africans for its upcoming national strike on the 7th of October 2020,” said Pamla.

“Our members and workers, in general, are amongst the biggest victims of corruption and enough is enough. We reiterate our call for all South Africans to stand up and make their voices heard,” he said.

Source: | By Samkelo Mtshali