The Citizen writes that, according to a report in Business Day on Friday, the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) is facing a serious internal rebellion and its finances are alleged to be in disarray.

The union’s financial situation is apparently so bad it had to dip into its strike fund to pay salaries.  According to Numsa’s unaudited financial statements, the union has been operating on a deficit budget for the past two years, and owes SA Revenue Service (Sars) R20 million in unpaid tax dating back to 2011.  Numsa members have alleged that a R500m reserve fund established by the union’s former leadership has been raided.  The union’s general secretary, Irvin Jim, has also been accused of ruling with an iron fist, suspending and dismissing officials and leaders who question his decisions.  Relations between Jim and his deputy, Karl Cloete, are also said to be tense.  There are reports that the union might have to retrench some staff and its head office and regional offices might also have to be restructured.

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  • Read the original Business Day report, entitled ‘Internal revolt threatens Numsa over financial disarray’ at BusinessLive (paywall access)