Office Management – 2 Days

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standard 110009 at NQF level 4 worth 4 credits.


The aim of this course is to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities for being an effective  and efficient office administrator. This course is suitable for office administrators, admin clerks or office managers.


Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to:

  • Plan and organize work
  • Match the type of communication with the appropriate method
  • Improving telephone skills
  • Developing filing systems
  • Using electronic filing systems
  • Understand the various administrative systems required by an organisation
  • Controlling and evaluating ordering and distribution of office resources
  • Handle office documents and a diary with appropriate confidentiality
  • Implementing control measures with individuals when needed
  • Manage documents efficiently through an effective filing system


What does it mean to be an Office Administration?    

  • Knowing myself
  • Understanding people


  • The purpose and methods for communicating with clients
  • Listening skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Business communication

Telephone Skills 

  • The greeting
  • Professional speech / choice of words
  • Languages; Articulation; Voice control
  • Transferring calls; Taking messages; Distribution of messages
  • Cell phones

Professional Documents 

  • Intelligent Emails
  • Reports
  • Minutes of meetings

Managing a diary 

  • Understanding a diary
  • MS Outlook
  • IT Filing systems

Understanding Filing

  • Why do we file documents
  • What do we file
  • How do we organize files
  • Labelling each file
  • The filing index
  • Filing Rules

Electronic Filing systems 

  • Electronic Filing
  • Ms outlook
  • My documents
  • Scanning documents
  • Searching for documents
  • Alphabetical filing

Data Management Systems   

  • Archiving
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Filing systems
  • Indexing

Administrative Systems

  • Administrative systems for organizations
  • Develop efficient administrative systems

Being Organised 

  • Simple systems and routines
  • Plan your work
  • Routines/procedures, checklists
  • Be professional/confident
  • Being organized


  • Systems and procedures for keeping information confidential
  • Keeping documents secure
  • Security breaches

Being Professional 

  • Professional dress
  • Speaking professionally
  • Professional behaviour
  • Ethics

Managing the Office

  • Managing your boss
  • Routines for the beginning of the day
  • Routines for the end of the day

Managing Stationary in the Office

  • Ordering, maintenance and distribution of office stationary
  • Administrative operating procedures
  • Reporting deviations
  • Implement control procedures with individuals
  • Procedures for dealing with non-conformances
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