Personal Finances – 1 DAY


Many employees struggle with managing their personal finances, and as a result cannot concentrate effectively on their jobs. The stress from having too much debt, leads to poor job performance. This course helps employees manage their personal finances, so as to ensure a minimum of personal debt and being able to live within their means.

The micro lending environment, and buying goods on credit has left many low level earners paying enormous fees in interest, and thus exacerbating their chronic debt and stress. This course shows employees how to manage the various aspects of personal finances including: using credit, household budgeting, vehicle and housing finance, credit cards, residual financing schemes, and consolidating debt.


  • Understand what financial management is and why it’s necessary?
  • Preparing a budget based upon previous monthly costs.
  • Comparing differences between budgeted costs and actual expenditure.
  • Making wise choices on which items to cut when overspending has occurred.
  • The dangers of borrowing money to finance debts.
  • Credit cards and their dangers
  • The New Credit Act


  • Understanding the need for Personal financial management
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Personal Budget Planning
  • Preparing a budget for my household expenses
  • Evaluating expenses
  • Monitoring finances
  • Variance analysis
  • Managing Debt
  • Consolidating debt
  • The New Credit Act
  • Legislation on debt counselling
  • Saving money
  • Credit cards and their dangers
  • Arranging Motor vehicle finance through a bank
  • Residual financing schemes and lease schemes
  • Bank Finance terms
  • Housing loans
  • Bank charges
  • Housing loans
  • Legislation on salary deductions
  • Garnishee orders
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