Personal Mastery – 1 DAY

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 252031 at NQF level 5 worth 4 credits.


This course is designed to help entry level staff develop self-awareness, effective interpersonal skills, help understand and manage their emotions, and lastly unleash passion, energy and self-motivation. Many entry level staff have not had the opportunity to develop self-awareness and identify their passion and unique talents. They often end up in entry level jobs for financial survival reasons. This course helps them to identify their unique gifts at the same time as developing important self-mastery techniques. A successful life is made up of many success leading habits. This course enables people to practice and develop new habits that instil discipline, focus, being organized, self-mastery and a positive outlook for engaging the world.

In fact it is not the hardest working or most intelligent people who succeed, but people who have a high level of personal mastery and emotional intelligence who are able to succeed in life.  The course also focuses on achieving personal mastery, the skills required to help individuals become highly focused, organized, effective and successful.

Your passions are clues to your destiny. They are the keys that unlock the door to your special purpose in life. It’s no accident that you love the things you do. These are the things that will lead you in the direction of joy and fulfilment.

This course will help you to identify your core purpose in life and from there your passions. Once you live your life aligned to these passions it will increasingly become more joyful, fulfilling and successful.


Upon completion of this course, the participant should:

  • Self understanding
  • Understanding your personality profile
  • Understanding your weaknesses and strengths and EQ gaps
  • Focusing on the good in self and others
  • Improved resilience skills and hardiness
  • Identifying emotions and feelings and
  • Releasing negative emotions
  • Understanding personal mission and passion
  • Identifying your core genius and talents
  • Developing a personal mission & action plan



Self awareness and Mindfulness 

  • Deepening my Self Awareness
  • Johari’s Window
  • The Myers Briggs Personality Test
  • Understanding different personalities
  • Locus of Control


Understanding & managing your emotions

  • Recognising negative emotions
  • Hardiness Research
  • Resilience


Self Confidence, Self-esteem and Self belief  

  • Developing your inner self-confidence
  • Reject Rejection
  • Developing determination and perseverance
  • Developing inner self-esteem
  • Appreciating yourself
  • Doing an Emotional Intelligence Test


Personal Mastery

  • The law of attraction
  • Identifying your mission and soul purpose
  • Identifying your passions
  • From dreams to goals and objectives
  • Focusing on your core genius and talents
  • Three obstacles to success:
  • Considerations, fears & roadblocks
  • Taking action
  • Having an attitude of gratitude
  • Living from a space of positive emotions
  • Focusing on the good in your life
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