School Management Teams: Leadership Development – 3 DAYS

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 15224 at NQF Level 5 worth 4 credits and 120300 at NQF Level 5 worth 8 credits.


This is a management and leadership development program for school managers working in a school management team. This course will ensure that you take your personal leadership style and competencies to new levels of success. The course is designed for school principals and their management teams who wish to find their own voice and deepen their management and leadership expertise. Effective Managers and Leaders are urgently needed within South African schools. This programme will help to clarify and unite the school management team: ie what is their vision, their goals and developing an action plan that they can implement to take their school to the next level of success.


  • Understand the importance of self-awareness for holistic development
  • Describe and discuss the distinction between management and leadership
  • Understand and explain selected theories of leadership and management
  • Be confident to explore your own emotional intelligence
  • Practice lateral thinking in responding to challenges requiring creative solutions
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my personality type
  • Describe the importance of trust in developing credibility and team empowerment
  • Apply self-management techniques to use time management optimally in schools
  • Apply the situational leadership model with practical school case studies
  • Creating a legacy- why leaders develop the members of their school team?
  • Describe and implement various methods to motivate and reward teachers and staff
  • Monitor performance according to IQMS and delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Provide mentoring and coaching support to team members
  • Establish and maintain productive working relationships
  • Identify barriers to effective teamwork and discuss and implement solutions
  • Develop school implementation plans and objectives in consultation with the school management team
  • Stress the importance of and apply various methods of handling conflicts promptly
  • Understand and apply disciplinary principles according to SACE where necessary
  • Handle challenges through an effective problem solving technique
  • Practicing success principles of leadership by clarifying my personal vision
  • Manage change by encouraging individuals to express fears


  • What is Leadership?
  • The roles and qualities of leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The distinction between management and leadership
  • Creative Thinking
  • Leaders and ongoing development
  • Wholistic development model
  • Deepening self awareness
  • Ways of knowing yourself
  • Love and fear – key drivers of behaviour
  • Maximising the use of your time
  • Creating a legacy
  • Situational Leadership
  • Why leaders develop their employees
  • Becoming a mentor and coach
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Degrees of delegation
  • Leading teams
  • Dimensions of team effectiveness
  • Leading change
  • Coping with stress
  • The disciplinary meeting
  • Managing conflict
  • The (ORI) Problem solving method
  • Success principles of leadership
  • Stay focused on your core genius
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