The Department of Employment and Labour has urged employers to be diligent and punctual in their report submission of employment equity (EE) plans.

The department’s Senior Practitioner for EE, Robert Dzhombere said the department has updated its online reporting platform to ensure that stakeholders report successfully and avoid recurring mistakes.

Dzhombere was addressing the Employment Equity Directorate and Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) branch joint EE virtual workshops being held nationally.

The 2021 EE Online and Manual reporting season opened on 1 September 2021, with manual reporting closing on 1 October 2021 and online reporting on 15 January 2022.

“The Employment Equity Act 14 (EEA 14) form must be completed fully and signed by the Chief Executive/Accounting officer and accompanied by the relevant supporting documents. Employers who are no longer designated and do not want to report voluntarily may submit the EEA14 form with the latest Audited Financial Statement,” Dzhombere said.

The purpose of the Employment Equity Act is to achieve equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination and implementation of affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups. This is to ensure their equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.

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