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POPI compliance made easy

Have you been confronted with unaffordable high fees to comply with POPI?

We have drawn up a step-by-step affordable bundle to comply-

To protect your privacy and information as from 1st July 2021 under the Protection of Information Act .

To stop the flood of unsolicited emails and cell phone advertising. Make them aware that data and ID theft will now be deterred by a R10 million fine or ten years imprisonment and civil claims.

To secure their Information and systems against intruders and ensure that communication does not violate the privacy of others as the same penalties apply.

To protect data such as ID’s, staff records, disciplinary records, medical -, psychological reports, clients’ and patients’ lists, financials, business secrets, patents etc.

With staff awareness programs Cofesa trains staff for their new duties, add an addendum to their employment contracts, help to register their Information Officer (the register opened on 1st May 2021) help them to manage their information security, POPI Policy, manual for their websites and provided a ‘work in progress’ manual to check, remedy , record progress and report to the Regulator. Our Cofesa Team and Helpline are on standby.

Please see details here below.

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Photo:  From 1st July 2021 an unauthorised glance at confidential information, will have serious implications under the POPI (PAIA) Act.

popi compliance











Let us help to appoint and register your POPI Information Officer. Registration has started.

Guide your Information Officer(s) to fulfil his/their duties,

Assist with the POPI Policy-Code of Conduct

Complete and record personal information impact assessments

Managing the development of a manual and monitoring the Manual

Presenting internal awareness sessions

Submit annual reports to the Regulator

Reporting to the Regulator on requests for information (keep a register/record)

– to inform your staff of the crimes and fines under the POPI ACT Exposing protected information to unauthorised persons may result in a fine of up to R10 million and or imprisonment of up to 10 years and civil action. Sensitise staff and if needed your clients, to diligently guard against all aspect of cybercrime,

– to add the relevant clause to their employment contracts as required by POPI – the bundle includes POPI 8-principles PDF, a summary of the POPI Act to make your staff aware PLUS a clause to be added to their employment contracts and signed to commit them to comply with POPI.


  • A POPI MANUAL WORKING TEMPLATE – This version is a ‘working document’ with check lists to ongoing recording of compliance.  To complete and record personal information impact assessments- This work in progress version of the MANUAL provides checklists to audit and manage your risks, record your progress, and identify issues that need to be addressed. It needs to be updated regularly, but at least once a year. 
  • A POPI MANUAL FOR WEBSITE – This version is to be posted on the company’s website  (just add details of company on front page)  Post on website and email to the Regulator.
  • POPI ACT and check list

Our bundle includes all the documents for POPI in user-friendly modules, with our Helpline and consultants on standby.

Cofesa consultations:  Consultations to be agreed upon and will be additional at normal hourly rates.

Contact Allystar Jay-Dean Heynes; at Cofesa for details.

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Adv Hein van der Walt